Frequently Asked Questions


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What is the difference between the Datathon and Hackathon?

There isn’t really a difference - a datathon is a hackathon - it’s just that the emphasis is on finding a way to creatively use, visualise, or build applications or models with data. With the blockchain prompts for this hackathon, the emphasis is on leveraging the decentralised, trustless nature of blockchain technology to come up with solutions to problems. They’re not independent of each other, many blockchain problems are solved with clever data wrangling.

What kind of prompts/data sets can we expect to receive?

Expect them all to relate to climate, and expect real word data. That means it might be messy - but don’t worry because the mentors will be familiar with the particularities of the datasets and they’re willing to help. However, if you choose to go your own way, that’s fine too - there’s also an open category.